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Often a dream ends when you wake up.

Often, however, it comes to life and gains life and strength, it changes, feeds, turns into reality or pervades reality, so that nothing seems so impossible.

The team of professionals and friends of the Minareto Lab has one wish: to demonstrate that dreams, most opposed ideas, innovative projects, imagined future, are not so abstract and crazy.

For this, every day, the lab processes, designs and produces its own aesthetic ideas, services and innovation, inventing new expressions of living, giving satisfying viewing experiences with more and different opportunities to relax, taste and get excited.

Just like in a dream, where everything overlaps and follows unsuspected directions, where the unlikely becomes real in a tremor of eyes, the Minareto Lab presents new formats and new aesthetic solutions that anticipate times and tastes, all made visible with open eyes.

The Minareto Lab team gathers the entire staff of the Minareto Seaside Luxury Resort & Villas and a selected group of professionals - green artists, interior designers, Marketing and Communication experts - who choose to create unique and exclusive projects, specially designed for the resort and its guests.

And if you think your dreams are unachievable, share them with us: the Minareto Lab is ready to involve you in its next project, be surprised by a dream coming true at awakening.