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Among the Best Hotels in Sicily

Your 5 Star relaxing stay in Syracuse, a few steps from the sea and from Ortigia, the historic pearl so beloved of Cicero, starts at the Minareto Seaside Luxury Resort & Villas.

You can spend wonderful relaxing days enjoying the peace, tranquillity and beauty of this unique setting which is only available to the most discerning clientele of this “Luxury Seaside Resort.”

The Hotel has 93 bedrooms and 4 suites which are unique thanks to the careful workmanship of local artisans and offer absolute privacy and freedom of movement thanks to this extraordinary setting looking out over the limpid and clearest blue waters in the area. The Minareto Resort boasts a private white sandy beach which is equipped to enable you to sun yourself in utmost comfort, the cliffs on different levels are arranged with sun loungers and umbrellas and there is a sports and Spa area which are perfect for unwinding, refuelling your energy levels and allowing yourself moments of true well-being by just being away from the bustle of everyday life. And, let’s not forget the luxury of the sundeck overlooking the waves crashing on the shore with two Hot Tubs which is open 24 hours a day and the choice of restaurants inside the Grand Hotel.

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